Spiritual Coaching

spiritual coachingSpiritual Coaching

When we connect with the Source, Creator, God, or Universal Life, everything changes. A strong connection with your highest inner being, or what some would call the Spirit or Soul, enhances every moment of life with unlimited potential. Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness provides insightful guidance, comfort, and clarity to meet your spiritual goals.

There are people today that feel conflicted between their traditional beliefs and their lifestyles or other world views. This conflict can manifest it’s way into our lives in many forms, such as stress, confusion, anger, guilt, shame, and much more. Internal conflicts between our spiritual self and our human self can even cause tremendous physical damage to our minds and bodies as we struggle to understand our deeper nature, while living in a world that can seem cruel and harsh.

Life can be full and happy, whether you are spiritual or not, but including a healthy balance of spirituality into your life adds enormous potential to your every moment. Breaking through the boundaries of a conditioned mindset expands everything. Our relationships blossom, our being become relaxed and peaceful, our resources unfold abundantly, and our clarity and intuition becomes highly activated.

Below are some typical motives for seeking spiritual coaching:

  • Expanded self awareness/Discovering your Authentic Self
  • Overcoming limited and conditioned beliefs
  • Finding life purpose
  • Gaining tools and processes for spiritual growth
  • Seeking deep inner peace, joy, abundance, and love
  • Seeking forgiveness (giving or getting)
  • Developing a personal spiritual practice

At Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness it is our honor and joy to work with others to discover their own light and freedom in the Universe. Please note that we do not promote or advocate any specific religious denomination. Our approach to spiritual coaching is that spirituality is universal and spiritual coaching techniques are intended to benefit both religious and non-religious clients.

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