Spiritual Coaching

Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness Center offers spiritual (non-denominational) coaching for those that want to gain a deeper connection to their spiritual self and to gain a broader understanding of spirituality.

There are many reasons why spiritual coaching can be helpful and in many cases spiritual coaching is highly restorative and inspiring. Below are a few of the unlimited possibilities of how working with a spiritual coach could benefit you.

  • Resolving spiritual conflicts (usually from how we were raised to how we feel now)
  • Defining a personal and meaningful spiritual practice
  • Developing spiritual qualities (i.e. love, grace, forgiveness, service, plus many more)
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs (i.e. low self worth, victim mentalities, resentments, feeling stuck, and many more)
  • Gaining clarity about spiritual principles
  • Enlightenment
  • Gaining peace in your life
  • Relief from suffering
  • Getting grounded or centered
  • Relieving a deep sense of “something missing” or “seeking”

As you can imagine, spirituality is a very broad topic, and many people find they have a hard time speaking about their spiritual wants and needs with friends and/or family members, especially if they are concerned our friends/loved ones might not approve or would disagree. Working with a spiritual coach will provide you with an open heart and ear to listen to your spiritual desires and provide compassionate support.

Spiritual coaching is like most other coaching relationships, except during the coaching process spiritual principles and ideas are incorporated into the overall coaching strategy to help you accomplish your goals and life dreams. To learn a little more on Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness spiritual coaching process and practice, click here………

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