Life Coaching

Life is always changing and challenging us. For many of us, accepting, processing, and incorporating change into our lives seamlessly does not come easy. Reaching out to a life coach to help manage the change in your life or perhaps helping to initiate change in you life, can be the difference between positive, healthy change, or resistant and unpleasant change. Change is what makes like interesting and exciting, but it can also be scary and uncomfortable. This is where life coaching can step in to help.

In every area of our life, we always have an opportunity to improve and enrich our experiences. Often, we look outside of ourselves to improve our life circumstances. But, when we do this, we leave ourselves at the mercy of the outside world. Taking charge of your experiences is not difficult, but it is different – so life coaching can add new perspectives on how to proceed with our day to day activities with a new level of clarity, purpose, and excitement.

Take a look at the many aspects of being human in the wheel below and rank what areas you know you need to change and improve. If you see one ore more areas that is out of balance to others, reaching out to a life coach will be extremely beneficial in gaining balance and improving any and all of these areas of life.


At Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness we tailor the life coaching plan to meet your specific needs and desires with your life. But the first step is always gaining clarity about what is happening now, and understanding what you really want out of life. Our philosophy is that human beings are magnificent creatures that can achieve anything if their authentic purpose is aligned with their actions.

We work with clients in our life coaching relationships as a partner and collaborator with your specific goals and dreams. No one but you can really know the correct path for you, but certainly gaining a partner and a motivating/encouraging collaborator will increase your opportunities for maximum success.

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