Law of Attraction (LOA)

your thoughts law of attractionThe Law of Attraction is a state of mind, or a set of life practices that promotes the principles of thought manifestation. The Law of Attraction has been recently popularized by the bestselling book and the movie, The Secret. While this book/movie has been instrumental in introducing the general public to the Law of Attraction (LOA), it is what you might call a starter kit of the principles it promote.

Additionally to the book and the movie, The Secret, there have since been many books published in the self help genre related to this topic. Many people have been helped and realized amazing results from applying the principles in both The Secret and from these many helpful books available. However, many people have expressed extreme frustration at not gaining any benefit from using the Law of Attraction (LOA). Even though the basic principles of LOA are simple, applying them in your life can be quite complex. The main reason for this is that most of us are conditioned by family, society, culture, advertising, and education, with an extreme lack mentality. Until we can reconcile our underlying limiting beliefs (lack mentality) to our expressed desires in life using LOA principles, then progress will be slow or even completely non-existent.

Working with an LOA Practitioner can be extremely helpful in realizing your life potential using LOA. LOA is a complete state of mind, where you apply your thoughts and actions using the principles of Law of Attraction. An LOA Practitioner will help you learn to incorporate LOA principles into your day to day routines. Getting support from an LOA practitioner can also help to eliminate any blocking beliefs or behaviors that typically sabotage a successful LOA practice.


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