January Offer – $20.00 discount for Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, or Law of Attraction Coaching

reach for a starLife is meant to be lived with fullness, happiness, and abundance. What better time of year to get serious about your plan to have your best year ever. There are always ways you can improve your mind, body, & spirit and at Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness we provide you with the tools and the information to do it effectively.

Life Coaching or Spiritual Coaching will provide you with the motivation and tools needed to experience significant positive changes in your life. Success is not a destination, it is a mindset and Life Coaching is a powerful vehicle to get you where you want to go. Likewise, for those looking to create a strong, purposeful connection to their spiritual self, a spiritual coach will introduce some perennial practices for enlightenment and awakening that can be very helpful. And when it comes to clearly understanding and living within the principles of the Law of Attraction, getting some coaching in this area can simply be life changing.

Because January represents new beginnings, we hope that you will consider taking advantage of this discount for our coaching services. More information for each type of coaching can be found by clicking on the below coaching type:

Life Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

Law of Attraction Coaching





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