What would it be like if I knew I was totally unstoppable?

i am unstoppableIs this something you’ve thought about a lot? No? Well, neither has most people.

Why do you think that is? Could it be that we are taught from a very early age that we limited? Ever hear stuff like, “Not everybody can be good at _________”, or “Some people are just born with that”, or something similar? Of course you have! Our entire culture is built on this notion that we (being human beings) are very limited in our skills, abilities, capacities and qualities.

When I was really young, I really thought I was a good singer. I had one or two songs I sang that I thought were awesome. I never really put any effort into doing much about my presumed greatness in singing though. Why? I just wasn’t feeling pushed to do it. I began to see that there were others out there that that were pretty good at singing, actually much better than me. So, if the point of this article is to talk about our unlimited nature, why did I bring up this limitation?

unstoppableTo point out that the definition of unstoppable and unlimited does not mean that we all can do everything! How boring would that be? We would be like robots. We are still unlimited though – each of us is unlimited in the opportunities to do the things that we love to do and to thrive in the areas that we are passionate about.

You will know what it is that moves you. It is something that you have a natural affinity to, or something that you think about often or love to talk about. You may not know how to make it happen (yet), but you sure know you’d like it too. I’m not talking about wishing we were rich, or a movie star or stuff like that, where those dreams have nothing really to do with happiness or self-fulfillment. Riches or stardom may come, if we do what we love – but those materialistic dreams only keep us pinned to an attitude of lack and hopelessness.

Many of us go through life never discovering our true potential because we are overcome with the limited beliefs of “I don’t have time”, “I don’t know enough”, “I don’t know where to start”, plus many other inner critic sayings. It’s frustrating. We promise we are going to pursue something that interests us, but the daily duties of life just seem to consume our time and energy. Next thing we know, another year has gone by, then 10 or 20.

There are literally thousands of ways to begin today to live a life that satisfies and excites us – way too many to mention in this blog article. At Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness Center, we are in the business of helping you find your passion and putting plans into place to begin to live within that dream – today!

Let’s get started right now! The first thing you have to do is DECIDE!!! Decide to go for it! Commit. You don’t need to know how, or when, or anything like that, but you do need to decide that you will be pursuing your dreams and you will begin right now.

Then start making your plans. These plans may change many times throughout the course of your journey, but begin A plan. Ask yourself, “What can I do RIGHT NOW to begin pursuing my dreams?”

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • Get on the internet and start researching
  • Get some books, magazines, or trade journals
  • Oh yeah – get some books on putting together plans, business proposals, webpages, social media skills, etc., to support your dream too!
  • Put a rough plan together of everything you need to get going (you can always refine this later as things start showing up)
  • Learn a new skill or a new piece of information about your dream/desire/passion every week
  • Start seeing yourself AS IF you had already achieved your dream
  • Look for others that you can talk with or network with regarding your interests
  • Be silent and listen for direction

freedom 4Ok, so what are you waiting for? Remember, we are here to help too! But we encourage you to get started today. Guess what? It is not going to fall in your lap. You have to open the door with your actions and THEN things will begin to start falling into your lap. Finally, instead of wishing things were different, you will be like, “Wow! So this is how it feels to know I am unstoppable!!!!”

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