feeling greatAt Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness Center, we offer a variety of options for your overall wellness. Whether you are needing help with a physical problem, emotional problem, stress, or a host of other issues, our holistic therapy approaches provide you with solutions that are safe, effective, and affordable. We welcome your inquiries and look forward to working with you.

We treat each new client as unique and valuable. Once we understand the nature of your issue and your desired results, we will tailor a plan specifically to meet your needs. At Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness, we believe that by offering many treatment options, we significantly increase complete and satisfying results.

Please feel free to explore this website for details on each type of therapy offered including some general information on Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy. Both of these therapy strategies are becoming more popular and useful for both independent treatment, and/or for alternative and complementary treatments to support other medical or psychological therapies.  Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness encourages you to ask questions if you are not sure. Reach out to your doctor/therapist or contact us with your questions.

Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness Center also offers invaluable coaching services. Life and Spiritual Coaching are designed to support you as seek to achieve the highest potential in your life.  If you have considered coaching before but where not sure if it was for you, check out the Life Coaching and the Spiritual Coaching page for more information.

If you are under a doctors care for major post surgery, severe mental disease, or are on 5 or more medications for a specific issue, please consult with your doctor or therapist before seeking alternative and holistic treatment options. Please note, that at Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness Center, we are not physicians or psychologists. We are trained to specifically treat and provide therapy in the Energy Healing fields and in Hypnotherapy.

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