Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy

light bodyClick on any of the paragraph headers below to learn more about each type of healing modality, or use the main menu drop down under this category. This page provides a summary of the various forms of holistic wellness techniques that are practiced at Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness Center. In order to provide the most robust and complementary service for overall well being, we offer everything from Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy to Life and Spiritual counseling, with a lot in between.

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Life Energy

As we learn more about the human body and the relationship we have with the Universe, including all matter and the elements included, scientifically we are beginning to understand that the human body and mind are significantly more complex than our scientific and medical community at first thought. Consequently, one of the most fundamental mysteries in both science and medicine are the effects and consequences of the measurable energy within our being or how the measurable energy within our Universe effects our being, both energetically and physically.

If you consider the body or the brain as simply matter, made up of cells and particles, then many of our previous healing and well being strategies are pretty sound, but the brain and the body are not just cells and particles. We cannot have a complete analysis of human behavior, including how our bodies behave, without also considering the invisible, yet highly powerful quality of both the brain and the body and their energetic components.

Life Energy, including the concept of Universal Energy, is a concept that dates back to the very beginning of mankind. All major cultures and religions, including Christianity and Judaism, include the concept of a universal life energy that flows to us and from us. Some call this energy consciousness, connection, or intuitiveness, and on a much larger scale some call this universal life flow as Chi, Prana, Divine or Christ consciousness, God, Atman, etc.

All you have to do is look around you, especially in nature, to see and feel the amazing energy that flows constantly. In Einstein’s famous equation for energy: E=mc2  (The energy content of a body is equal to the mass of the body times the speed of light squared) – we know that leaving the component of energy out of any type of healing or behavior in our universe, is leaving out a fundamental piece of the whole picture. It is difficult for scientists and traditional physicians to work with energy because even though the results can be measured, the applications of various energy therapies cannot be quantified through the scientific method.

This is changing as more highly public doctors, such as Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Andrew Weil, and Dr. Joseph Mercola are using some of these energy healing therapies in conjunction with their traditional allopathic treatments.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing, also known as Energy Therapy or Energy Medicine, is based on the fact that the mind and body is made up of various forms of energy, some very dense and some very fluid in nature. You can do a very simple demonstrations of feeling the energetic charge from your body by simply rubbing your hands together and then holding them close to each other for about 1 or 2 minutes, palms in. You should begin to feel the increased energetic warmth and/or tingling coming from your charged hands, if you can’t – you may have some serious energy blockages going on.

There have been many different types of energy healing techniques that have surfaced over the ages, and some of these are still around today and derive from very ancient and quite powerful cultural and religious backgrounds. While it is true that some of the energy healing techniques that have been suggested are not effective or some are even fraudulent in their intentions, there are many very effective and highly powerful techniques being used today.

This field is also constantly expanding as more and more people are exposed to different energy healing modalities, and more information becomes available about the human body, mind, and the relationship we have to spirit. It is every person’s responsibility to pursue a method of healing or therapy that they are comfortable with. At Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness Center, our belief is that the more we understand and work with our own system of energy (both internal and external), the more power we have to effect our own minds and bodies.

There is a mode of thinking in almost all energy healing philosophies that disease (dis-ease), both mental and physical, is the result of energy blocks in the body or the mind. Emotions play a large part of this potential blockage because hanging onto or harboring negative emotions, which contain a much denser and lower energy frequency than positive emotions, manifests as dis-ease in the mind/body.  While traditional medical or physiological treatments help in many cases, unless the energy is unblocked, these symptoms may show up again and again. This unblocking of energy can be done in a multitude of ways, using physical, mental, and spiritual techniques.

Energy Healing and Energy Therapies places the power of healing back into the hands of the original healer, which is always the person that is needing to be healed. Energy Practitioners can guide and assist clients seeking energy healing, but ultimately the healing is done by the individual him/herself. The techniques to perform energy healing are always safe, and even if results are not immediate, very often the person getting a Energy Healing treatment will always gain some benefit out of the session, like increased relaxation, energy, or clarity.

At Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness Center we offer several different methods of Energy Healing and will be constantly on the look out for additional highly effective healing techniques. We offer techniques for those that prefer to stay on the very physical level of Energy Healing and to those that enjoy adding a powerful spiritual element to their healing. Since we tailor each clients needs to the services that we offer, we would never recommend a spiritual healing technique to someone that is uncomfortable with the idea of spiritual healing. Likewise, someone that is highly spiritually motivated, might not be a good candidate for a singularly mental approach to healing, like Hypnotherapy or  NLP (even though these too can be tailored to include a spiritual element).

Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness Center offers the following therapies for Energy Healing or Energy Therapy.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique aka Tapping)

Quantum Touch

Energy Medicine

Qi Gong Healing

Thai Energy Mind/Body Boost


Click on any one of these therapies to get an in depth description of the therapy. There is a method for everyone’s need and all treatments are tailored to each specific client. Each one of these therapies is effective, safe, and has no side effect whatsoever.


Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

The sub-conscious mind, which is the real captain of our human ship, is the holding tank for all of your life experiences, beliefs, memories, skills, behavior patterns and values.

The conscious mind is analytical and logical and helps us maintain a sense of awareness of ourselves and the world around us. It is estimated that the conscious mind only represents about 10% of our thinking process, while the deep murky waters of the sub-conscious mind represents the other 90%. Very often then, thinking from the sub-conscious mind is sometimes, well…….un-conscious. It may be very reactionary, habitual, and sometimes may even feel uncontrollable.

Changing habits or behaviors through the conscious mind is called willpower. Some people have tremendous willpower, but making any sort of change using willpower or the conscious mind without also changing the root belief in the sub-conscious mind will mean that you are always going to have the be very conscious of the change to keep it up. This is why many people let go of their resolutions or desire to change certain beliefs or habit after awhile, because it takes a lot of effort to keep the change in the conscious mind. It’s not impossible, but very tough.

Lasting change can really only occur in the subconscious mind, because this is the part of our mind that creates the true flow of our actions, words, thoughts, and intentions.  Since our sub-conscious minds contain our fundamental beliefs and values, changing a conscious belief without syncing up with the sub-conscious’ belief will create a great deal of conflict (also known as stress, anxiety, disease, depression, lethargy, and many of symptoms). We are constantly fighting ourselves between what we know we want to do and what we actually do.

Hypnotherapy and NLP are direct pipelines to the sub-conscious mind. This is what makes them so effective and why the changes that occur with Hypnotherapy and NLP have a tendency to last. These methods of treatment combine using the pathways to the sub-conscious mind, which is most generally our senses, to open the doors of the sub-conscious and break up or dissolve the patterns of unwanted or non-serving behaviors/beliefs and replace them with ones that bring out the best qualities in us.

By clicking on the links below, you can get more information on the process of Hypnotherapy and NLP. Many times these two treatment methods are used in conjunction (most hypnotherapists use NLP techniques during a hypnosis session). But NLP can be used independently and can also be taught to clients so the client is armed with powerful tools to continue to  initiate the changes they want in their lives. Hypnotherapy can also be used without a practitioner, but for best results you should work with a practitioner initially. At Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness, we can tailor a recorded hypnosis for your specific need, which allows you to listen to your personalized hypnosis recording whenever you want to. Repetitive suggestions through hypnosis is a powerful tool for making lasting and significant change.


NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Please feel free to submit any questions you have about Hypnosis or NLP using the contact form below.

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