Energy Healing 101

energy healingThere is a lot of “bad” information out there about the concept of Energy Healing. While the mainstream may feel that Energy Healing is another attempt at metaphysical mumbo jumbo, in the background, there are many dedicated practitioners and medical professionals that are proving the viability of Energy Healing for many physical, mental, and emotional issues.

The problem researchers and proponents of Energy Healing have is that success in Energy Healing is very difficult to measure using the same measuring standard of the medical industry. Luckily there is “some” energy that can be instrumentally measured and the results of the studies using Energy Healing measurements have been quite impressive.

An example of this is using EEG (electroencephalogram) readings, which measure the electrical frequencies of the brain. Studies have shown that patients with severe anxiety disorder, when treated with typical psychological protocols, showed slight improvements in their EEG readings. This was determined by the intensity of the brain activity in specific parts of the brain, per the readouts from the EEG. However, for patients treated with an Energy Healing therapy, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or TFT  (Thought Field Therapy), the normalization and decrease in the stress response part of the brain significantly decreased during the same amount of treatments and/or timeframe.  (Thought Field Therapy and QEEG Changes in the Treatment of Trauma: A Case Study by John H. Diepold and David Goldstein, PHD – 2001)

There are hundreds, if not thousands of similar studies done on several of the Energy Healing modalities, such as Reiki, meditation, Qi Gong, EFT, TFT, and other energy meridian based healing modalities. Results persistently indicate that Energy Healing is at a minimum as effective as traditional medical treatments on many physical symptoms and/or disease and very effective for psychological and emotional trauma treatments, and in many studies the results indicate a much greater result than traditional methods.

It takes a long time and persistent high visibility to make a change in the way that things are done traditionally in medicine and mental health. If you look back through the history of medicine, you will find that some of our most common standards, such as hand washing before surgery, was met with strong resistance and doubt before finally being adopted as a standard.

Energy Healing works with a person holistically, meaning that it is a method of healing that considers not only alleviating the symptoms of a particular issue, but restoring the energetic balance that manifested the symptom in the first place. To simply alleviate a symptom with drugs, surgery, or lengthy psychotherapy is to perhaps leave out the reason why the symptom manifested in the first place. This could prolong an illness or a physical problem indefinitely. By treating using Energy Healing, or perhaps a combination of allopathic (traditional) medicine and Energy Healing, the patient is healing the issue in its entirety, including the integrated functionality of the body and mind as a whole.

Energy Healing practitioners, by the nature of the treatment methods themselves they use, work very closely with clients, as opposed to traditional doctors that very frequently have only minutes to dedicate to each patient they treat. The nature of Energy Healing requires that the practitioner and the client develop a deeper connection so that all aspects of a client’s symptoms can be explored and addressed.  This new model of holistic health services is one that we at Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness practice with diligence and we strongly support and encourage other health care professionals to do as well.

There is much to do for those involved in Energy Healing to continue to educate and inform others about the strength and practicality of Energy Healing. Those that choose to explore new healing options by getting treatments using some type of Energy Healing methods are those that are ready for a different approach to health and wellness and can see the possibilities behind a methodology that believes that for total healing to occur, the balance of mind, body, & spirit must be maintained and grown.

Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness offers several methods of Energy Healing, among them are EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), EmoTrance, Energy Medicine techniques, QiGong Healing, Accupressure, Reiki, and private Meditation classes. Please feel free to visit our webpage for more info (

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