December Special – Holiday Stress Relief Make-Over – $25.00 Off

holiday stress relief make-overDon’t allow the holiday’s to take away your peace, power, or fun. Come in and receive a complete holiday stress relief make-over to restore peace and energy using any of the Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness services.

Nothing beats stress and tension like a full Reiki treatment. Reiki is the ultimate in providing tranquil healing energy to restore mind, body, & spirit.

If your feeling more than just frazzled but downright panicked, maybe a empowering and uplifting hypnotherapy session or two will give you the mental massage you need to restore your calm.

Holiday activities can sometimes cause headaches, pain in the neck and lower back, or general feelings of achyness and fatigue. Book your appointment now for any of our Energy Healing techniques, such as EFT, Energy Medicine, Qi Gong Healing, or our exclusive Thai Energy Mind/Body Booster.

Getting your energy revved up and your peace of mind back helps to make this holiday season fun and exciting! Give yourself this early gift! Book your appointment right here on the website, or call 816-305-4814. Evening appointments are available.

To find out more about any of the services offered at Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness, click on the Services Offered tab to learn more. Energy Healing and Holistic Wellness approaches to physical, emotional, and mental issues are a safe and effective method of treatment, with no side effects. You may enjoy taking advantage of this December Special to discover a new way to care for all your wellness needs. And honestly, who couldn’t use a holiday stress relief make-over? So pass it on! Let your friends and family know too.

*** $25.00 off does not apply to private meditation classes.




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