Holistic Wellness Services

Wellness Solutions for Mind, Body, & SpiritAt Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness, we offer multiple holistic wellness services to fit your needs and your personal comfort. There may be times when several different healing modalities are recommended, or you may feel quite strongly about one healing therapy over the other. ♥♥ We tailor each treatment to your specific needs/desired results!  ♥♥

When we are experiencing any type of problem, either physical, mental, or emotional, there is always a connection between those three components of our lives. By not considering all aspects of ourselves, we miss opportunities for healing and total wellness. From a holistic perspective, all disease originates from some type of imbalance in any one of these three areas. Holistic practices includes treatments that address the entire individual – mind, body, & spirit. Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness provides a great balance of holistic treatments to address all three aspects for optimum health and well being, even when you are also receiving other, more traditional, treatments.

Please click on the service offered links below to learn more about this service. For more information on Energy Healing & Hypnotherapy in general, click HERE! All services offered are completely safe and have absolutely NO side effects.

Holistic Wellness Services Offered:

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