What would it be like if I knew I was totally unstoppable?

Is this something you’ve thought about a lot? No? Well, neither has most people. Why do you think that is? Could it be that we are taught from a very early age that we limited? Ever hear stuff like, “Not everybody can be good at _________”, or “Some people are just born with that”, or […]

How could Spiritual Coaching Help Me?

Spiritual Coaching is working with others to harmonize an individual’s spiritual goals and to provide practical tools to help one to live and thrive within their highest spiritual path. Spiritual Coaching is never a conflict to a personal religious belief, but often provides complementary support to it. However, it is important to note that one […]

Energy Healing 101

There is a lot of “bad” information out there about the concept of Energy Healing. While the mainstream may feel that Energy Healing is another attempt at metaphysical mumbo jumbo, in the background, there are many dedicated practitioners and medical professionals that are proving the viability of Energy Healing for many physical, mental, and emotional […]

New Year – New You!

The new year is a traditional time of the year that we evaluate our prior years activities and lifestyle and make goals and plans for a better year ahead. But statistics show, that no matter how well intentioned and excited we are to achieve our newly developed resolutions, that only 8% of us achieve the […]

December Special – Holiday Stress Relief Make-Over – $25.00 Off

Don’t allow the holiday’s to take away your peace, power, or fun. Come in and receive a complete holiday stress relief make-over to restore peace and energy using any of the Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness services. Nothing beats stress and tension like a full Reiki treatment. Reiki is the ultimate in providing tranquil healing energy […]

Free Session for Veterans

November Veterans Special

As a small token of our gratitude to our veterans, Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness Center would like to o...

New! Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness is Opening Next Week

Beginning Monday, Sept 23, 2013, Lee’s Summit Holistic Wellness will be open and taking appointments! I am so excited to be offering these progressive and powerful services to the entire Kansas City community. However, because communications technology is so easily accessible, we are also offering all of our services online as well. I invite you […]